Traditions In Beautiful Bedding

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When you visit department stores or bedding stores today, you can find just about any comforter or spread for your bed to match your decor.  But growing up on the farm, all the women in my family made all their bed coverings.  No store bought comforters in our family.  Just beautiful hand made quilt bedding used both as bed cover for warmth and also for beauty.  It is just a farm tradition for my family.

When we bought the ranch and built our house, and sticking to our family traditions, I made all the bedding and bed quilts and bed covers for all the beds.  This one is on the downstairs guest bed and features warm burgundies, forest greens, and golds and was all hand pieced and hand quilted.

In the master suite, I made a more masculine quilt of blacks, browns, and creams framed with a chevron stripe.

Another family tradition I have always kept was the turning back of the sheets.  Every night before my Dad went to bed, Mama would go in their bedroom and turn back the sheets for him.  I can't remember a time on the farm that she didn't turn back the sheets before he went to bed.

So when I grew up and got married, and since we both worked and many times went to bed at different times at night, when I made the bed every morning, I would turn back the sheets before putting the final bed quilt cover on the bed so that my husband's sheets would be turned back when he went to bed.  Some traditions you just never forget, and 50 years later, I'm still turning back the sheets.

And 50 years later, all my bedding is still made by hand for not only all the beds in my house, but also in my kids house. Styles come and go but tradition remains forever.  At least at my house it does.


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