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There were two births that day in January on our farm. A seven pound eleven ounce baby girl, who they named Judy Lynne. The other birth was a little white puppy with a black patch over one eye. He was the runt of a liter of puppies and he became my dog. Because...after all...every little girl needs a dog for a friend, don't they?

Daddy and Mama named that tiny little puppy Bobo. He was just a handful of white fur with a big black spot on his back, another one on his front shoulder, and a perfect black circle around one eye. Bobo became my best friend. We played together, we took walks together, we raced each other, we wrestled together, we waded the creek together, and when I rode my bike, Bobo ran along side never leaving my side. We were best friends for 8 years until the day Bobo died.

This month, Northcott Fabrics came out with a new 32" x 42" panel of Petie from the old Little Rascals black and white TV show that aired from 1922-1938. The panel is called "For Pete's Sake". I used to love to watch the old Little Rascals shows because Petie reminded me of my Bobo. So of course when I saw this panel, I just had to have it. And you can have a panel also by shopping on our website for Petie at

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