The Magic of Unicorns

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What is the obsession with the mythical beast of the unicorn these days?  It has become a world wide craze.  The myth dates back before Christianity to the area of what is today Pakistan and spread to China and Europe.  There is even a museum in Paris that has an ancient unicorn horn on display.  Unfortunately, it has been proven to be the horn of a narwhal, yet it is still displayed as a unicorn horn.



My granddaughter loves anything unicorn, so of course when I saw this huge 49" x 45" panel from the "Imagine" Collection come out from Northcott, I had to get it for the shop.




So whether you believe in unicorns or not.....check out all the fun unicorn fabrics from the "I Believe In Unicorns" collection and the Imagine panel and other unicorn fabrics and products on our website at



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