Learning to Create With Cast Iron

Posted by Judy Taylor on

Ever wonder what you could do with a miniature 3.5-inch cast iron skillet? I see them in stores all the time, but really didn't think I would ever use one.  But I was wrong!  I have fallen in love with these cute little pans.   I can now testify that this is a pretty genius little gadget. The small one serving size makes it easy to store because it takes up very little kitchen space, and is perfect for one portion meals.



I've learned you can fry yourself just one egg in it or cook a couple of pieces of bacon or sausage for breakfast.  You can also make a quick one serving omelet in it.



Or how about a one serving frattata?



I think my favorite is the personal pan size pizza.



Or maybe it's the personal pan chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of ice cream.  Can you imagine how cute that would be to serve as dessert to your dinner guests?

So I'm learning to be creative with cast iron and loving these little individual sizes.  You can even tie a ribbon on them and give them as ornaments for a holiday tree at Christmas.  It's one ornament that will get used and not thrown out after Christmas.

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