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I grew up in small rural town Arkansas where almost everything was small business people.  I grew up before Walmart and before McDonald's.  If you wanted to buy a hamburger, you had to go home and make it yourself, or stop in at a local Mom & Pop Cafe.  If you wanted to buy clothes, or cleaning supplies, or shoes, or the shopped at the local small business stores that lined main street.  When we bought clothes, (which mom made most of our clothes) we would go to Graber's Department Store on main street or order from the Sears & Roebuck Catalog.



Every Saturday, everybody took off from their farm labor to go "to town" and shop on the main street.  I remember while Mama got her hair styled at the local beauty shop, my sister and I would go down to the local soda shop at the Five and Dime and get a Root Beer Float.



And I'll never forget the mechanical carollers and Christmas train in the window of Belk's Department Store at Christmas time; or lining both sides of main street for the annual Christmas Parade sponsored by the local town merchants.

I miss those days, and so I just want to give a shout out to the wonderful small business people of my community.



If you have never been to HAIR CREATIONS in Delaney, you are missing out.  Shelley does an amazing job with haircuts for men, women, and children at a price you can't afford to pass up.  Need some highlights, a perm, hair color?  Shelley does it all.



Or if you need your nails done or a pedicure, see Jamie at HAIR CREATIONS for the most beautiful nails and at a very reasonable price.  It's worth the drive to check out this jewel in the country.



And for the best burger in Arkansas, check out Hooshang at the Pig Trail Bypass Country Cafe.  This country cafe has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, and Arkansas Life as the best burger in Arkansas.  Hoosh won’t divulge the combination of Persian spices he mixes into the local ground beef he uses to make his infamous “Hooshburger.”  Don't want a burger?  Then how about some fried mushrooms, fried pickles, Hooshburger with home fries, chicken-fried steak, chicken enchiladas and the best Mexican food you will ever taste on Friday and Saturday Nights.  But don't take my word for it.  Take a drive out to Crosses, Arkansas and dine at the Pig Trail Bypass Country Cafe.



And by all means, don't forget to stop in at Lonesome Pine Quilts in Crosses, Arkansas.  Featuring over 30,000 yards of fabric from 21 different manufacturers, sewing and quilting notions, candles, aprons, quilts, sewing and quilting classes and workshops, and more.

So the next time you buy or shop for the holidays, check out all the wonderful finds at your local small businesses.


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