Reusable Patriotic Bandana Bowl Covers

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Want to spruce up your 4th of July picnic table this summer?  How about a no-waste, low-sew, washable and fun 4th of July picnic patriotic bandana bowl cover project.  I am an antique collector and I have a collection of beautiful vintage bowls.  But back in the day, they didn't make covers for bowls.  And plastic wrap and aluminum foil tends to blow away at they are just ugly on such a beautiful vintage bowl.  So let's make some quick and easy patriotic bandana bowl covers for this 4th of July. 

All the fabric you need for this project is a collection of bandanas.  You can repurpose old bandanas that you have at home, or Hobby Lobby has a large selection of bandanas at an affordable price.  


To create a bowl cover, first spread out your bandana and place your bowl upside down in the middle …getting it as evenly centered as possible.

Then, using a measuring tape and chalk pencil,measure two inches out from the bowl's edge and make 2" marks on the bandana all around the bowl.  Then connect the marks to make a circle around the bandana 2" from the edge of bowl.

Using scissors, cut out the circle of bandana fabric.  It should look something like this.

Iron the circle flat and using a zigzag, overcast stitch, or other decorative stitch, sew around the entire raw edge to keep it from fraying.  For a neater finish, use a rolled hem stitch or a serger.   But as for me, I like the rustic look of a little fraying coming through on the edge. 

Lastly, add the elastic.  Pin a piece of 1/4" knit elastic to the wrong side of the bandana approximately 3/4" in from the edge.  You can use a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch to sew all along the elastic.  But the secret to making a snug fit on your bowl is that you must pull the elastic taut the entire time you are sewing it to the fabric. 

And that's it!!  You're done!!  Your friends and family will be so impressed and think you are so clever at your next summer picnic.



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