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My husband and I have never been one to get each other something for Valentine's Day.  I mean, after all, we already have our birthday, our wedding anniversary,  Christmas, Mother's Day, and Father's Day......GOOD GRIEF!!!   We have just never wanted ANOTHER gift giving holiday.  So we just share our love for each other every day throughout the year, and instead we celebrate our daughter-in-law on February 14th because that is her birthday!



So for the past 20 years, I just enjoy my Love For Quilting and treat myself to a day of quilting on Valentine's Day.  I am a third generation quilter.  My grandmother used to have a quilt frame hanging from the living room ceiling at her house and I used to just love to go to her house and watch her quilt.  All of her quilts were hand quilted and many were made from scraps of old clothing.  She didn't care that much about making a beautiful quilt, but rather a quilt for the bed for warmth.



When my mother started quilting, she loved to piece and she would try any pattern you put in front of her.  But her favorite pattern in her later years before she passed away, was Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I have several of those Flower Garden quilts that she pieced, and the women at the church hand quilted.



When I reached mid-life, I decided I wanted to do something in common with my mom so I could talk about quilts to her and make quilt blocks with her.  So with the help of my sister (who is also a third generation quilter and also owns a quilt shop)....my sister taught me how to make my first quilt and started me out on a simple 9 patch block quilt using scraps..  I was immediately HOOKED!!!  And my quilting over the past 20 years has improved from a simple 9 patch to the latest Forest Floor Batik Quilt we just finished in our last Block of The Month Class.  Sometimes I think I learn more in our Block of The Month classes as the teacher, than the ladies in my class learn.



So on Valentine's Day and EVERY DAY, I love my husband , I love my family, and I Love Quilting!!

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