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When I was a kid growing up on the farm, there were three set in stone principles of life according to farm life.

...Farm and Family

...Faith and Church

...Freedom and Patriotism

Over the years, those three principles have been indelibly etched on my heart.  And when I see fabric like this FARMSTEAD fabric from Wilmington Prints, it brings those principles welling up in me and I just HAVE to buy this collection of fabric.



On the panel it says "LIVE THE SIMPLE LIFE"........I love that!!  And on the repeating border stripe it says "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.....BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL THINGS".  That about sums it up.  



In today's society that expects everything for free without having to work for anything.....On the farm growing up, we hoped for anything,  expected nothing,  and were grateful for everything.  I would love to see our country come back to those principles.

If you also enjoy those principles, then you might want to make your home a quilt from this beautiful Farmstead Collection.  I know I want one for my farm family.



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