My 2019 Quilter's Resolution

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How do we justify having "sew" many projects? It’s called Project Saturation. We’re excellent Starters, but then we grow weary of a project, we stop and do what we do best. Start another project and then another and another, but don't finish any of them.  How do you stay on track??   Well, as a fellow quilter, here's my Top 5 Plan for 2019.



1--Keep A Planner.  Go to an office supply store or Walmart or Target and purchase a 2019 Calendar Planner.  Then go through your UFO'S and enter in a date you plan to start your project and then choose a finish date and enter that into your planner.  Schedule each project on your calendar and then STICK TO IT!!  And multi-task when possible.  Do your handwork while watching TV or visiting with friends or family or sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office.



2--Finish the projects that are almost done. Quilting, binding, and label projects are first. Whew! Immediately off the list.



3--Eliminate The Little Scraps.  Each time you finish a quilt project, use the scraps to make a scrappy binding to get rid of those small scraps.  You will be AMAZED at how pretty your quilt will look by using the scraps left over from your project.



4-- Next, ask yourself if you still like certain projects or were they “a learning process”. No rules are written that say you have to complete anything you don’t like. Give unloved projects to other quilters that may like to finish and enjoy it. Or if it is really bad, consider a pot holder project, use it to practice your machine quilting or trash it. A few more off the list.



5--Lastly, which projects have a deadline? Check your planner for deadline projects like graduation, birthday, anniversary, baby quilts.  Don't get off track and miss your deadline.  If you finish a project before the deadline, feel free to start what I call a "FILLER PROJECT".  That's a project you work on when you are between projects.  .


I’m going to organize my projects according to my plan above. It may not be perfect, but hopefully it will keep me focused and on track with my quilting projects in 2019.  Good luck with your plan for 2019!!

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