Make A Memorial Of Your Loved One

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What do you do with all the clothes someone leaves behind when they pass away? This is always a big question you face when you lose someone you love.  Many people say, they are just clothes, donate them! But I say treasure your loved one's memory with a memory quilt made from their clothing.

There are many ways to make a memory quilt.  One way is to just cut strips of their clothing and make scrappy strip blocks sewn at an angle and just sew the blocks together.  This is the easiest memory quilt to make and is really fun to do.

Another memory quilt to remember your loved one is a tie quilt make from your loved one's neckties.  These are a little more difficult, but are really stunning when completed.

Memory quilts are a great way to remember your loved one, but they can also be made into very special quilts for celebrating special times in their lives.  For instance, take your child's T-Shirts and make them into a Memory Graduation Quilt for them to take to college with them.

I made this Memory Quilt for a family member for her daughter who was getting married using her childhood dresses she had saved over the years.  I even used the bodices around the center dress, and the quilt turned out beautiful!

So don't throw away all those memories when you go through your loved ones clothing.  Instead, turn them into warm memories of precious members of your family.  From our family to your family, have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend.

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