If You Build It....

Posted by Judy Taylor on

To say the phrase, "If you build it, he will come" from the 1989 movie 'Field Of Dreams' was my inspiration to build a quilt shop/fabric store on our 2200 acre cattle ranch in the beautiful Ozark Mountains sounds crazy.....but it's true.  But just in case they don't come, we decided instead of building a modern commercial building, to build a big red barn that could be used for the ranch.  And they were right!!  Build a quilt shop and the quilters will come.  It has been phenomenal!  Ten years later, we still love the country store front quilt shop, but have also been able to expand to an online business offering online shopping and shipping to quilters all across the U.S.  In 2018, we expanded again and built a second 1200 sq. ft. classroom building offering quilting classes to quilters of all skill levels.

My field of dreams is not a corn field, but rather a big red barn in the Ozark Mountains.  Check out our website at lonesomepinequilts.com, follow our weekly website blogs and Facebook, or visit us in the shop.  Just look for the big red barn!

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