How To Store Your Christmas Decorations

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If you love to decorate for Christmas,  you need also some Christmas storage solutions to help you store and organize all of your ornaments, lights, wrapping paper, and other decorations from year to year so that you can find them all when you need them.

Here are some clever ways to detangle, declutter, condense, and protect all your Christmas decorations. Some of these solutions require a little DIY action while others are just simple household supplies repurposed.

1. Put beaded garlands in a water bottle

2. Make your own Christmas ornaments organizer box using large bin and plastic cups



3. Use large trash bag and a clothes hanger to keep your wreaths un-smooshed and dust-free


4. Store Christmas Wrapping Paper Rolls in a clear garment bag.  Then just hang in a storage closet or garage.


5. Or use a hanging shoe bag and cut out the bottom of some of the pockets to fit the longer wrapping paper rolls.


6. Use empty toilet paper rolls and hot glue together and place in box or clear tub for storing electrical cords.


7. Wrap Individual Strands of Christmas lights around clothing hangers and hang in closet to keep from getting tangled.


Try a few of these ideas this holiday season.  You will thank yourself next December when it's time to decorate again.  Merry Christmas!


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