Happy Mother's Day!

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Over the years, I have discovered that a mother is more than just someone who gives birth to a child.    A mother is a selfless, loving human being who must sacrifice many of her wants and needs for the wants and needs of her children. ... No matter what they do or say, being a mother means you will love your child unconditionally.


For all the selfless moms out there.....we love you and recognize all the sacrifices you have made, all the cupcakes you have baked, all the last minute errands you have run, all the buttons you have sewed on, all the skinned knees you have kissed, and all the hugs and kisses you have given....none so small that we didn't notice and smile over.


This Mother's Day, I celebrate my mom who has long since gone on to be with the Lord.  Each quilt block I make, I think of Mama who taught me how to make that first block.  When I plant my garden, I think of Mama who taught me plant 3 seeds in each hill (one for the worms, one for the rain, and one to make a plant).  When I can my pickles and tomatoes, I think of Mama whose canning recipes I use each fall.  When I cook a meal, 85% of my recipes came from Mama.  No matter how many years go by, I still love and miss her and am so thankful for all she taught me and all the love she gave me.


And I am so thankful to be the wife of an incredible man and the mother of two precious little boys who grew up to be wonderful men of God and wonderful fathers to my four granddaughters.  From my family to yours.......Have a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day.

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