Through the Woods Project Booklet by Jennifer Long from Riley Blake Designs by the book

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Step into the enchanting world of Little Red Riding Hood with the Through the Woods Sew-A-Story Project Booklet by Jennifer Long of Bee Sew Inspired. This meticulously crafted spiral-bound booklet, available for pre-order from Riley Blake Designs, provides comprehensive instructions to create the Through the Woods Quilt. Immerse yourself in the magical journey of beloved characters on a winding stroll through the woods.

Key Details:
Designer: Jennifer Long of Sew a Story
Collection: To Grandmother's House by Riley Blake Designs
55 pages

Booklet Features:
Meticulously Crafted Spiral-Bound Instructions
Crafted by Jennifer Long of Bee Sew Inspired
Complete Instructions for the Through the Woods Quilt

Quilt Details:
Designed by Jennifer Long
Features Beloved Characters of Little Red Riding Hood
Quilt Size: 82" x 82"

Versatile Usage: Perfect for quilters of all levels, the intricate quilt, spanning a regal 82" x 82", becomes a stunning centerpiece in any space. Let your creativity flourish as you bring the characters of Little Red Riding Hood to life through your stitches.

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